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Must Have Apps for 2020


Welcome back to the TransferHome blog and Happy New Year! It’s the start of a brand new year and decade, January is the month we’re all trying new things and starting with our resolutions after the festive celebrations. Which resolutions have you set yourself for the year? If you have, are you sticking to them, let us know in the comments. For our first post of the year, we’ve put together five must-try app’s to start the year in the best way possible. We’ve selected five different apps from lifestyle to entertainment which are worth a try!


(Image Source: Duo Lingo)

With Duo Lingo, you can choose from over 30 languages to learn from for free with the app. You’ll practise your preferred language with entertaining lessons which will help you acquire reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. From the app’s description, DuoLingo claim to teach you a new language in three months.



(Image Source: Happify)

Explore games and meditation that increase positive thinking for a great start to the new year when you download Happify. The activities you complete within the app are science-based and help users to conquer stress and negative thoughts. There’s a choice of 50 goals and based upon the ones you’ve selected Happify assigns activities and games.


1 Second Everyday

(Image Source: 1SE)

1 Second Everyday is a video diary app which allows you to create a movie of your life by uploading a 1-second video each day. By the end of 2020, you’ll have a video which shows you how you spent each day of your year. Alongside each clip, you can write and note the location of where and what it is so you’ll also have small diary entries to read over. A feature of the up is splitting your clips into different projects, ‘Freestyle’ to document events and trips or ‘Timeline’ for general day-to-day life.



(Image Source: A Beautiful Mess)

An easy-to-use app where you can give your photos and videos professional-looking filters and textures, the app is free to download but also has a subscription version which allows you to access more advanced tools. The free version still offers a selection of effects and filters if you’re looking to save money as one of your New Years resolutions! The Filmm app is currently only available for iOS users.



(Image Source: TransferHome)

Of course, we had to include TransferHome the app where you can transfer mobile Pay As You Go credit worldwide. TransferHome is all about providing a quick, yet reliable service which is bound to make sending credit easier in 2020. The app has been developed with customers in mind, the focus is around the simplicity of the app which makes it suitable to users of all ages.

Have you tried any of these apps, or do you have an app you love and think should be on the list too? Let us know in the comments below or get in touch with us on our Social Media, we’d love to hear from you!

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