5 Tourist Hotspots in Nigeria


Awhum Waterfall

Enugu State

Awhum waterfall is on the outskirts of Amaugwe village in Enugu. The town is home to several lakes surrounded by stunning white-sand beaches. The waterfall stands 30 metres high and has a cave which is explored by the more adventure-driven tourists. The waterfall is said to have healing powers and the ability to dispell satanic or evil forces, making it a place of prayer.

The Giant Footprint of Ukhuse Oke

Edo State

This tourist spot is located in a sacred grove between Ukhuse-oke and Ukhuseosi in Edo State. Visitors can see the distinctive footprints of a prehistoric giant which are embedded into the granite rocks. It’s thought that the giants lived in Edo state and left the footprints when the world was in a molten state.

Osun-Osogbo Grove

Osun State

Osun-Osogbo Grove is a landscape of undisturbed forest in southwestern Nigeria. It’s is dedicated to Osun, the Yoruba goddess of fertility. The grove has sanctuaries and shrines with art and sculptures which honour Osun and other gods. The spot is recognised as a symbol which represents the Yoruba people, it is one of the only groves left in Yoruba culture.

Coconut Beach


(Image Credit: Hotels.ng)

Coconut Beach is a tourist hotspot which is surrounded by holiday resorts located in the coastal town of Badagry. Tourists can purchase fresh coconut juice which comes from the tree’s surrounding the beach and there is no entry fee. Christmas and New Year is one of the most popular times to visit Coconut Beach, if you’re looking for a more relaxing visit, the weekdays are best for you.

Kainji National Park

Niger State

The park has been running since 1978 and stretches across both Nwara and Niger state, it’s split up into three main reserves which are the Borgu Game reserve, the Zugurma Game reserve and the Kainj. The Wildlife Musuem within the park has wild animal skins on show for visitors to view. Look out for the wild animals during your visit, you may spot the Hippos at the Kainji Lake or other animals drinking from the ponds whilst they cool down from the heat.

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