5 Tourist Hotspots in the Philippines

5 Tourist Hotspots in the Philippines


The Philippines is a spot which millions of travellers visit every year and is well known for island-hopping, architecture and beach resorts. There are over 1,000 islands to explore, so if you’re planning a trip full of island hopping whether you’re more of a beach lover or an adventurer you’ll be able to find a handful of islands that are to your taste. Although a famous part of the Philippines is all its beautiful beaches, if you’re more of an adventurer there’s still plenty of fun activities for you to enjoy. From diving, sea kayaking to mountain biking and zip-lining, you’ll find something you love or maybe even find something new you’d like to try out whilst on your travels. Whether you’re planning to visit the Philippines or just appreciate an aesthetically pleasing spot, we’ve picked out five hotspots that are a must-see if you’re currently putting together your itinerary for a trip to the Philippines.

#1 Mayon Volcano, Albay

Mayon Volcano is known as the world’s most volcano in the world because of how symmetrical in shape it is. It’s an active volcano in the city of Legaspi in the Philippines and is a spot that you should visit whilst travelling in the Philippines. The volcano has a base circumference of 80 miles and rises to over 8,000 feet from the shores of Albay Gulf, over the past 400 years the Mayon has erupted almost 50 times! Reviews from multiple tourists recommend that you hit the spot early in the morning to witness the volcano with beautiful scenery.

#2 Underground River Tour, Puerto Princesa

Underground River Tour, Puerto Princesa
The Puerto Princesa underground subterranean river is the longest navigable river and is a popular spot where tourists visit in the Philippines. It is referred to as one of the 7 wonders of the natural world and when visiting this spot there is guided paddle boat tours that take you on an adventure through Puerto Princesa. A picture-perfect spot for travel and nature lovers where you’ll witness an abundance of wildlife and pristine views where you can mingle with other tourists and be educated on local culture by tour guides.

#3 Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island
A peaceful island which is located off the coast of Cebu, Malapascua Island is known to be a hotspot for diving and island hopping. Tourists visit for the sandy beaches with clear waters which are surrounded by stunning gardens with coconut trees and experience the bliss of the Philippines. It’s the only place to regularly see thresher sharks, hammerheads and manta rays and another activity to book whilst you’re there are open water thresher shark diving courses. The hottest months of the year to visit the island is from May to October whereas June to December is the wet season where you should expect occasional rainfall.

#4 San Agustin Church, Manila

San Agustin Church, Manila
San Agustin stands as the oldest stone church in the Philippines, it was built in 1589 and has survived several fires and earthquakes in its time. It was the only building which remained intact after World War 2. The wooden doors show off beautifully intricate carvings, this isn’t the end of aesthetics and has a ceiling which brings a mixture of religious themes and geometric designs and was painted back in the 1800s by Italian artists Alberoni and Dibella. The museum of the church holds a variety of religious artwork collected through its history, as well as the only remaining piece of the tower bell which was damaged during an earthquake which can be found at the entrance with “the Most Sweet Name of Jesus” inscribed on it.

#5 Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills
The Chocolate Hills are made up of over 1,200 mounds that are spread across the island of Bohol, the majority of which are a similar size from 98-164 feet high and covered with grass. This grass turns brown during the dry season, which is where the name Chocolate Hills comes from. Like most places, some tourist spots can be affected by the time of year due to weather, the beauty of the Chocolate Hills is that they can be visited at any time of year as they are just as amazing during the wet season. The hills can be seen by tourists on a viewing deck which allows you to take in the scenery.

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