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Airpods Pro, Are They Worth It?


The Airpods Pro are the first Apple pair of headphones to have achieved complete noise cancellation, with their £249 price tag it’s a jump from the original Airpods which you can now get your hands on for £159. With the original Airpods being released in December 2016, it was the hottest new craze where Twitter was regularly full of memes about Airpod users making their pair known.

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Apple released the new Airpods Pro in October, as the festive season approaches they are likely to be on many people’s Christmas wish lists this year. Since their release they have received a mixture of feedback, so we’re going to go through and see if the new version is worth the £249 they’ll set you back.
Jumping straight into it and arguably the most popular feature is the active noise cancellation, it works by using two microphones which faces outwards and detects external sound which the headphones then counteracts with anti-noise by blocking the external noise before you hear it. A second microphone picks up unwanted sounds from inside your ear which also are countered with the anti-noise feature. The great thing about this feature is that it’s not your only option, you can switch between the modes depending on how much background noise you want to hear. The second mode is Transparency mode which allows noise outside in, so you’d still be able to hear what is going on in your surroundings, Apple have noted that the modes work best when the Airpods Pro ‘fit well’. The final mode available for use is Off, which would work similarly to the standard Airpods.

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Moving on swiftly to the best features of the new version, the comfort has been noted and improved of the original Airpods due to the notable difference in the buds. The original version of Airpods had a one size fits all approach, but some people struggled with this and found they just didn’t fit correctly. Apple’s solution to this with the Airpods Pro is the new feature of a ‘more customisable fit and seal’. The new design offers 3 different sizes of silicone tips which conform to the shape of your ear which as a result secure the Airpod in place and creating the seal which helps them achieve next level noise cancellation.

(Credit: Apple)

The new pod has a bigger main body but a shorter stem, they are far more noticeable than the original Airpods, whereas before the earphone reacted to taps to the main body the new Airpods Pro controls sit within the stem. Now when you squeeze the stem you can command different features, one squeeze to play/pause music or answer an incoming call, two squeezes skip music forward and three squeezes skip music backwards, to alternate between noise-cancellation modes you’ll need to do a long squeeze. Not all users have been convinced of this squeeze feature, for those who are using the Airpods Pro whilst exercising, the stems can be fiddly whilst sweaty or clammy. A common response from users who were wearing the Pro’s whilst running is that they are secure and comfortable in your ear whilst running, they feel like they could fall out but they are secured in your ear.

(Credit: Apple)

Although an improved version of the original Airpods, the price tag of £249 seems to be questionable when competing brands have very similar versions, such as Sony WF-1000xM3. What do you think? Is there any particular feature that would guide your decision to purchase a pair of the Airpods Pro? Leave us a comment or connect with us on our social media channels to let us know what you think.

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  1. Robin 2 years ago

    I started using Airpods when the first gen came out. I am sure i have to buy an Airpod every 2 years once. Sadly the battery life is not going to be more than that for my regular usage. recently upgraded to Airpods with wireless charging case.

    Airpods Pro is very expensive and i hope not to try it anytime soon.

    They are more like disposable headphones but gives a comfort feel with the iPhone usage. Other than that, airpods pro or the airpods are truly a master piece by Apple.

    • Dani hickey 2 years ago

      The downside of wireless headphones, the battery life! But definitely not great to have to replace them so often, keep an eye out for some new tech products posts, you might find a suitable replacement.

      Thanks for sharing Robin 😊

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  3. gunawan 1 year ago

    Recently upgraded to Airpods with wireless charging case. Find my product case custom Product Hooppe. Airpods Pro is very expensive and i hope not to try it anytime soon.

  4. airpods 1 year ago

    Thank you for taking the time to publish this information very usefully!


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