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Fifa 20 is the latest addition to EA Sports football game, this year’s copy will be the 27th version to hit the shelves. With today’s games showing life-like graphics, the technology has improved since Fifa International Soccer which was the first version of the game released in 1993. Now users have had the chance to explore the new features, we wanted to get a gaming fans opinion on the game. We spoke with Talk Home team member and gaming fan Afsor to talk through his thoughts on the pros and cons of Fifa 20.

fifa 20
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Gaming is something I use as wind downtime if I’m feeling stressed or I want to relax in the evening time. When it comes to football games, most gamers out there know that it’s a battle between Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and Fifa. Since 2009, I have had the new copy of Fifa every year since when I switched from PES. But for me, Fifa was upping the expectations every year and there was always so much hype around it that eventually I switched and didn’t go back to buying PES after that year. Every September when the newest version is released all of the avid gamers eagerly wait to get their hands on the new copy. That was no different this year when Fifa 20’s release date comes around.

The Pro’s

A massive pro for Fifa 20 is the graphics for me, they are out of this world and I think it adds to the quality of the game. The celebration animations are a cool feature, even though they do not appeal to me directly I can appreciate this aspect of the game. These are the features of the game which are improved upon every year and they are noticeably becoming better and even more realistic.

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I have spent more time exploring different game modes after this release and I’ve got to say that I’ve enjoyed them. This year pro clubs has been my go-to game. I like that with pro clubs you can play with a big group of friends, it’s basically the virtual way of having a little game of football with your mates. It’s great that you can play practise matches with the AI ahead of the games and one of the main ones is the customisation suite being added from Career Mode which definitely improves some of the previous year’s negative aspects.

fifa 20 graphics
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The gameplay, in general, has definitely improved in the edition, although it takes longer to master and certain elements have a higher difficulty I think that’s a positive. The new tackling system is good when timed right when you’ve got possession of the ball the improvement of the control physics and turning means you’re in control. I think overall, the improvements of the gameplay give you more control of what you’re doing and there is less of a feeling that you’re hindered by the game and if you lose then it is down to how you’ve played.

The Cons

(Image Credit: EA)

For many people, including myself, Fifa has always had the upper hand and has been the leader in football gaming. Probably down to the fact that they’ve owned the licensing rights for using the football teams images. This year there was evident lack of Juventus FC, who coincidentally is the team who signed football superstar Cristiano Ronald ahead of the season. The rivals over at PES bagged the licensing rights to the club and for the first time in 25 years, Fifa was unable to feature the legendary team in the game. Although the team still feature on the game, they’re renamed ‘Piemonte Calcio’. Fifa definitely missed a trick on that one!

The transfer window and game release clash is my biggest con when the game is released late September the transfer window has already closed but the game isn’t developed with the most recent transfers upon its original release. I would love to see the latest transfers already within the new release and not as an update later down the line.

It’s not directly related to the gameplay or technical aspects of the game, but I think the improvements have mainly been focused on the online modes of the game. For many people who play Fifa, this may be positive, but for me, I think as the years go on and the focus continues to move towards this. As a long-time player who has purchased the game year after year, it can feel as if the core of the game is becoming less relevant and it’s all focused around aspects where people are encouraged to spend a lot of money and time.

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