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Gift Guide: Top 10 Tech Products


Welcome back to the TransferHome blog! It’s December which means the countdown to Christmas is well and truly underway. At this time of year, many of you will be searching for the final gifts for your loved ones. If you’ve left it all last minute, no need to panic we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a gift guide full of the top tech products which are the perfect gifts this Christmas.

With the new gadgets that have been released this year, there is a huge variety of options for technology lovers this Christmas. Keep reading to find the perfect gift.

#1 Nintendo Switch £279

In the words of Nintendo, it’s the new era console because it adjusts to your lifestyle. You can play anytime, anywhere with anyone which has three modes you can pick and choose between. With the classic games like Mario Kart, the Switch has been a hit with people of all ages and proved to be a top gadget this year.

TV Mode Tabletop Mode Handheld Mode
You can dock your Switch to enjoy playing the game you’ve chosen on your TV Where you use the stand to share the screen and play multiplayer using the Joy-Con controllers. You can pick up and play the console with the Joy-Con controller attached wherever you may be

#2 Apple TV 4K – £179

(Image Credit: Apple)

A gift that all the family will benefit from, Apple TV 4k is a streaming media player where you can access videos, music, games and movies on your TV in both 4K and HDR. It also allows you to access several different apps online to your TV, the device has a dedicated app store and also offers Siri for searching. Many Apple fans patiently waited for the version of Apple TV which introduced 4K as it was a feature other products had for quite some time. The arrival didn’t disappoint Apple lovers who patiently waited for the 4K version, it is easy to install and a great gadget to have on your wishlist.

#3 Airpods Pro – £249

(Image Credit: Apple)

Some people love them, some people thought their price tag was far too much for the additional features. But it’s fair to say the Airpods Pro are on a lot of Christmas lists this year, you can read our post on the newest Apple headphones here for more details on the features.

#4 Amazon Echo Dot, 3rd Gen – £24.99

(Image Credit: Amazon)

A budget-friendly smart home device, the 3rd generation of the Echo Dot is softer and more aesthetically appealing than the previous versions. With its Alexa voice assistant, the new echo dot has a better quality speaker and can recognise different users by their voice. The back of the device has a circular power socket which replaces the USB socket of the 2nd generation. Bluetooth can be used to stream from the dot to other speakers or you can stream from other smart devices to the dot so it acts as a Bluetooth speaker.

#5 HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer – £69

(Image Credit: HP)

A pocket-sized printer which connects to your smart devices for instant photo printing, requiring no ink refills this is a convenient gadget for printing your captured memories. The sprocket is easy to use and works via Bluetooth connection, each print takes around 50 seconds to produce so you can quickly get your Christmas snaps up on the wall! The printer takes 90 minutes to recharge and pairs with a fun app where you control and edit your prints.

#6 Ring Door View Cam – £129

(Image Credit: Ring)

Ring door cam is a home security system which acts as a doorbell and security camera, it can fit over traditional peepholes and is ideal for apartments/flats where you are unable to install new security systems. The ring gadget is easy to install and requires no drilling meaning no damage to the door or its frame, it is completely battery operated. You can set up alerts via an app on your mobile where you’ll be alerted when the sensor has detected someone at your door and you can even speak through the app when you’re not at home. No need to miss your recent online shopping order with this device installed.

#7 FitBit Inspire HR – £69.99

(Image Credit: TechRadar)

The latest Fitbit replaces the old fitness bands and comes with a higher level of tech, it is also more affordable than previous models. The design has a more premium feel with its narrow frame which is notably lighter and has an extended battery life allowing you to keep on top of your fitness tracking for longer.

#8 GoPro Hero8 – £329.99

(Image Credit: GoPro)

The hero 8 has a sleek design, the new model offers users new video modes which are simple to use and more powerful HyperSmooth image stabilising software. GoPro fans will appreciate the improvements of the app, new microphone and 1080p live streaming. It’s great for those who love to go on adventures, they can mount it onto their helmets and shoot clear 4k video.

#9 Knomo Novello Backpack – £192

(Image Credit: Knomo London)

After you’ve spent a small fortune on the latest gadgets, you may be wary about how you move them around with you. That’s where the Knomo Novello comes to save the day, it’s a stylish but secure backpack which has a 15-litre capacity and is kitted with padding. It secures all of your gadgets while you’re on the move and also has room for your other items which can be stored in separate pockets and compartments.

#10 Belkin Pocket Power – £34.99

(Image Credit: Belkin)

Last but not least, the pocket-size power bar that will charge up all of your latest tech products, the Belkin pocket power bank is lightweight, has a dual-port which allows you to recharge two devices at once and can power up your smartphone to playback 70 hours of video. This is the perfect stocking filler for the ones who are always on the go and looking for a plug!

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