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Great Team Building Activities


In the year of 2020 the way we do many things has changed, many of us will have upped and left the office to work from home for the foreseeable future. A challenge that comes from working from home is that you don’t get the same face-to-face contact with your colleagues. So your weekly team building activities might have come to a halt, we’re here to share some good activity ideas with you to get them started again. These can be used as virtual team building activities as well as outdoor team building activities. Research by Kenexa Research Institute found in a study of 64 organisations, companies with highly engaged employees achieve twice the annual net income of organizations whose employees aren’t engaged. They also uncovered that a whopping 50% of the positive communications changes from within the workplace had resulted from social interactions outside of the work environment. Planning team building activities for your colleagues doesn’t have to be hard and can be arranged quite easily, keep reading for more information. We’ve got five team building activities for you! 


Although it may be hard to believe, team building activities are often for the benefit of your and your colleagues. It might initially seem like a way for your employer to get you involved in something seemingly ridiculous but trust the process. Team building activities are for enjoyment as well as education. Not only do you get the opportunity to learn about your teammates, but you might also uncover parts of yourself. 


An interesting statistic is research that shows companies whose employees engage can earn up to 2.5 times more income. Managers who have read to this point, are you considering a team-building day? Maybe you should! Further research revealed that employees who have a higher engagement level at work are a whopping 87% less likely to end up moving to a new place of employment. For the small amount of time and effort team building activities take to put together, these numbers might make it more worth it. 


Another critical factor of some of the worlds largest organisations is their creativity. Team building activities allow individuals to use their creativity. They’re in a different environment to what they’re used to and are being asked to complete different tasks. 


Communication in all industries of work is vital; it’s been reported that over 85% of errors in the workplaces were caused by ineffective communication. Activities that require colleagues to communicate to resolve the problem can be just as productive as helping them employ those skills at work. Letting employees participate in this kind of activity shows them that their creativity is essential and valued by the company. This may motivate colleagues to use it more and feel more comfortable coming forward with new ideas or strategies that have more creativity beyond them. 


Keeping these categories in mind, we’ve put together some activities to incorporate into your team building day.


Activity Name: Game of Possibilities 

Number of participants: 

Entirely up to you!


5-6 Minutes

Helps with: 

Inspiring creativity within a team and innovation for individuals too. 


Activity Guide:


This game is a twist on the popular game of charades, as well as a great short activity to get the team warmed up. 


One individual or one member of each team has to lead the team by heading the front. One by one, this person will need to act out the use of an object. The rest of the team has to put their best efforts together to guess what’s demonstrated. Keep in mind, the demonstrator isn’t allowed to give any audible hints, and all demonstrating team members have to be slightly crazy. If it’s too apparent, the team won’t have to work together to guess the correct answer! 


Look at this team in action playing the Game of Possibilities https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=145c0_0q-6Q


Activity Name: Scavenger Hunt

Number of participants: 

Two or more groups


Around an hour 

Helps with: 

Communication between different members of staff, those who might not usually have the chance to bond. This activity encourages various departments to engage with each other. 


The best thing about these activities is that they can be altered to suit you, check out this Virtual Scavenger Hunt that’s perfect if you’re working from home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpLbjEFR7XM


Activity Guide:


Once each member of the groups has been allocated a team, give them five minutes to get familiar with each other. Even if everyone knows each other, let them have a team meeting before getting started. Each team receives a list of the same activities they need to complete; this can include completing tasks and objects. Make the tasks things that can be documented as proof, for example giving them a riddle which leads them to an object they have to take a picture of. The teams all have the same period to complete the tasks. The winning team is the group who’s completed all tasks or the most out of all the teams. Make sure the winning team has achieved what they’ve claimed to, have the group present any of the photographs they took or the objects they collected. 


Activity Name: The Perfect Square

Number of participants: 

Between 5-20 people


30 minutes

Helps with: 

Building strong communication between the team of colleagues. It also focuses on leadership skills.


Check out an example of this team building activity, The Blind Square https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tgm328zgQqI


Activity Guide:


For this, you’ll need a long rope tied together and a blindfold for each player. 


Gather the team in a circle and get them all to hold the rope. Once everyone’s holding got a hold of it, get the players to put the blindfolds on and then put the rope on the floor. Now the ropes on the floor, instruct the team to walk away from the circle. Their surroundings and location of the rope will now not be so familiar. Ask everyone to assemble back and try and make a square using the rope without taking off blindfolds. Setting a time for the task to be completed adds a competitive flare and makes it more difficult as the teams under pressure. If you feel the team you’re working with is more advanced, instruct individual members to keep quiet and only allow them to follow instructions without feedback. 


Activity Name: The Egg Drop

Number of participants: 

2+ groups 


2 hours

Helps with: 

Building engagement between colleagues. To solve the task players need to work together to solve the problem, this game works best with more players. 


Activity Guide:


You’ll need eggs (and back-up eggs) for this game. Separate the group into smaller teams of between three to five individuals. Once groups are established, give each team a set of office supplies (whatever you like). The challenge is for them to use everything they’ve been given to create some form of egg protection to prevent it from breaking when it’s dropped at the end. 


When time is up, gather all teams and look at each contraption. Get each group to judge whose they think will survive the fall (even if they just pick their own). Finally, drop each team’s work of art from a height. Whichever team’s work keeps the egg in the best condition is the winner. 


Check out this video to see The Egg Drop in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0wT76YDuUQ


Activity Name: Blind Drawing

Number of participants: 

Two or more


15-30 minutes 

Helps with: 

Communication and interpretation, the final results help the team to see how their partner interprets them. 


Activity Guide


You’ll need pictures, pens and paper.


When your colleagues are in teams of two, have them sit with their backs to one another. One team member will be the communicator and handed a picture. The other will be the interpreter and given a pen and paper. The communicator will need to describe the picture to the interpreter without blatantly stating what it is. The description from the communicator is what will help the interpreter create their final image. 


Final products can be interesting and probably slightly amusing, will any of the teams get the picture spot on? The teams need to work together, communicating correctly to create an accurate copy of the image. 




To conclude, there are many different activities you can arrange for your team to participate in. Not only is it nice for everyone to take a break during pressing times, it’s always important for the workplace to have that element of fun every now and then. Our favourite picks from this article has got to be the scavenger hunt, although it’s a classic the adapted virtual version to accommodate those working from home is great! 



Add the following FAQs regarding team building activities.

What are team building activities?

Team building activities are games or tasks that are arranged by companies or team leaders with the intention of bringing colleagues closer together and building relationships outside of their usual work environment. 


What are some team building activities?

In this article we discuss and explain how you can execute five different team building activities including Blind Drawing and Scavenger Hunts. 


How to do team building activities?


Team building activities are executed by setting a task for a group of employees, the task can be as creative or analytical as you like. The best part of these activities is that you can put an array of different skills to the test. 


Why do team building activities?

We encourage you to do team building activities with your employee’s or colleagues purely because they are a light hearted way to improve bonding between colleagues. Considering most can be done at very little to zero cost, there is no reason not to implement these into your workplace! We’ve shared some statistics within this article to explain how they’re proven to improve communication factors at work. 


What are the benefits of team building activities?

As discussed within this article, research studies show that team building activities have been proven to improve communication and enforce positive changes to the workplace. 


Why are team building activities important?

It’s important that companies allocate time for team building activities, participating in these activities will assist colleagues in their communication skills and working alongside each other effectively. It also gives colleagues to interact in a social manner, outside of official work duties. 


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