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For some, the last few months have been a serious adjustment period from the morning commute to the office to the morning commute to your kitchen for a coffee before morning zoom calls. During these tough times, we’re here to help with handy working from home tips that make the work from home process smoother and as productive as possible!

Stick to your routine

If you stick to your usual routine working from home is just as productive as being in the office (sometimes even more so!). Having a routine is essential to being the most productive you can be, that means doing the same things you would if you were going to the office! Getting up early, having a shower and getting dressed – the time you save from your morning commute take for yourself to enjoy a nice breakfast and a coffee to start your day. 

Working From Home

Remember to take breaks

Stop for a cup of coffee, make yourself a nice lunch and take a second to breathe! When you’re working from home, it’s easy to forget when to take breaks. In the office, you probably get up at lunch and go for a walk or even a little break while making a coffee and having a chat with a colleague. Make sure to follow these same routines at home, take small breaks and give your eyes a rest from the computer screen, you’ll probably find it makes you a whole lot more productive. As long as you’re still getting your work done and working regular hours, you should still be taking breaks and how you spend them is up to you. We won’t judge if you want to watch an episode of your new favourite series while you make some lunch. 

Stay organised

When you’re working in the office, you have a structure to your day. Whether that’s a weekly meeting, a brainstorm lunch or briefing with your team. When you’re at home, you need to adjust to a different structure. The best way to do it is with a list of things you have to do, including any meetings in your schedule. Whichever method is best for you, a virtual list on your laptop, Trello board, a sticky note or a message on your whiteboard – this list will help you structure your day. Making a list of things you want to do in your time after work can also be helpful.

Staying in touch with colleagues whilst working from home.

Keeping in touch with colleagues 

If you and your colleagues work in the office together, you’ll probably be missing each other (I know we are!). Even if you aren’t in contact for work purposes drop them a message and see how they are and arrange fun team building activities like quiz night calls on Zoom! If you’ve got colleagues that you directly work with group video or voice calls are perfect for brainstorming, meetings or general catch-ups whilst working from home. 

 If you’ve got any tips that you find helpful whilst working from home leave them below in the comments or get in touch with us on our social media platforms, we’d love to hear from you. Stay home and stay safe. 

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