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CES 2020: What’s New?


The Consumer Electronics Show is a yearly convention where people from all over the world gather to see consumer technologies. For the last 50 years, it has been the stage for innovators and breakthrough technologies. We’ve been following all the latest gadgets unveiled at 2020s Las Vegas event and have gathered some to share with you. Let us know your thoughts, is there any we missed that you thought topped the rest or maybe you think the innovation has gone too far? Share your thoughts with us and let us know which ones you would buy given the chance.



(Image Source: ShoeBlast)

South Korean entrepreneur Zoe Kleinman has unveiled a new gadget designed to remove the smell of worn trainers. ShoeBlasts features revive old shoes so you can forget about the struggle of using the washing machine to do it yourself. The device detects your shoe’s humidity level and allows you to set it to the desired level by the touch of a button. After, a 40-60 degree heatwave passes through the shoe for sterilization and drying without damaging the inside. ShoeBlast double sterilizes with UV-C waves which eliminate germs and protects feet from a range of foot diseases. After the hot air dry, the device runs the LED UV lamp that eliminates bacteria which may be inside the shoe. Shoeblast claim they are the only ones using this technique. Other features of the device include the wireless function make it portable for outdoor activities and extensive use makes Shoe Blast applicable for other items such as gloves, hats and helmets.

Ballie by Samsung


(Image Source: Samsung Twitter)

Samsung has unveiled Ballie during their CES keynote Ballie is a bot likened to a tennis ball which rolls around following its owner. The design acts as a fitness assistant which monitors ways it can help make improvements to your life as your needs change by using the built-in AI. With its built-in camera the bot capture and stores special moments, you can watch Ballie live from your device when you’re away from home. Ballie will be able to call for help if someone has fallen and are unable to get up. They stated during the keynote that Ballie’s held to stringent data protection and privacy standards.

Ballie’s design enables the bot to understand and support your needs. This bit of technology can run your smart home for you, the demo video shows the bot opening curtains, turning on the TV and summoning a robot vacuum after noticing a spill. Samsung did not reveal when the Ballie bot will be available for purchase or the retail price.


Lenovo ThinkPad Fold X1

(Image Source: Lenovo)

Lenovo announced the first Windows computer to showcase a folding display at CES 2020. The 13.3-inch screen can be used as both a tablet and laptop when attached to a magnetic keyboard. When unfolded the ThinkPad works as a regular tablet, folding the screen upwards makes a laptop. When working in laptop mode, you can connect a magnetic keyboard or use the digital one. The ThinkPad will offer 5G, cellular devices are typically higher in price. A version of Microsoft Windows called Windows 10X has been designed for folding displays but will be released at a “late date”. Lenovo will use plastic OLED from LG which allow the ThinkPads to be folded and avoid damage. Using Poled will support drawing and note-taking with an Active Pen stylus, Lenovo announced that the device is due to launch mid-2020 and retail from $2,499.


Cyrcyle Phone


(Image Source: BBC)

A brand new circular smartphone that features two headphone jacks, Cyrcle has launched a device at CES 2020 that closely resembles a compact mirror. The device has dual-SIM capabilities and runs on Android 9 4G LTE and according to its designers was designed with a female audience in mind due to the size and shape being better suited to small hands. The brand explains how their device is designed to encourage real-life connections through technology, the unusual shape for the smartphone seems to be a reflection of the society we live in. Cyrcle says their phone “exists to inspire a world where you can be you – whatever shape you are”. Cyrcle is yet to confirm if the product will launch to retailers or how much it’ll cost.



(Image Source: EPA)

New streaming service to rival Netflix but with a twist, Quibi revealed at the Vegas convention that they’ll be launching on the 6th April. For a basic subscription fee, it’ll cost $4.99 (£3.80) but an ad-free subscription will cost the customer more at $7.99 (£6.13). Quibi which stands for the term “quick bites” will allow users to stream shows episodes and movies that are between four and ten minutes. Of course, many movies that subscribers will want to watch aren’t under ten minutes long they’ll be split up into chapters. They’ve announced that they have already commissioned the involvement of big Hollywood names for its content including directors Steven Spielberg and Sam Raimi as well as actors Idris Elba and Reese Witherspoon.

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