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How To Be Productive!


With circumstances regularly changing and many of us getting busier with remote working, we all need a productivity boost. We’re here to help and give you some tips on how to be productive. Don’t worry, if your screen time is up to an astronomical number per day then you’re not alone. We’re with you, and we’re here to help with some tips for keeping your productivity high. It can be hard to ignore distractions whilst at home, it might be your phone but it might be that your neighbour has music playing too loudly when you’re trying to concentrate. No matter what it is, continuing to keep your productivity high with so many tempting factors around can be difficult. 

To help push through and stay as motivated as possible, here’s a list of compiled techniques you can implement into your schedule to ensure you’re getting things done. 

Focus on the High-Value Tasks – What’s the Priority?

Start by putting together a list of all of your tasks, review the list and decide which ones need to be completed as a priority. Try and do this in order of importance rather than level of difficulty.  By completing the tasks with the highest value, it’ll help to keep productivity and motivation high.  

When you finish a task that’s been pending for a while, a weight is lifted off your shoulders and you can move forward with tasks you’ve been more excited about! Moving between the lowest value tasks is not necessarily the best way to spend time as it’s likely that you’ll be doing the small and quick tasks that bring no value. We’re all guilty of distracting ourselves by checking on emails or memo’s rather than moving forward with a task we’re putting off. 

When completing your list this way you’re making the most of your time as you’re completing the tasks that hold the most value other than the size of the task. Remember, this doesn’t mean you have to take on all your tasks at one time. Becoming overwhelmed by putting too much pressure on yourself can deduct your productivity. Keep this in mind, it’s not about how fast you complete the tasks but more so the quality. 

Track your Progress

At the end of the week review your diary, when you’re in the midst of the madness it’ll be hard to process everything you’ve achieved because you’ll be looking ahead to the next list of tasks you need to face.


Review your diary at the end of each week, during the week you’re likely to be focused on the tasks that are a priority and therefore not able to focus on the things you’ve already achieved. Take time to check what you’ve completed and achieved, are there any tasks here that weren’t necessary? Make a note of any tasks you’re able to cut from your schedule next time. When reviewing your time like this you’ll notice where you have saved or potentially wasted time.


Often the most difficult part of a large task is simply getting started. Particularly if it’s one you’ve been putting off starting. Trust us, starting it sooner rather than later will benefit you in the long run! When you’re focusing on the smaller tasks to only avoid the larger tasks, it allows them to pile up and you’ll become more overwhelmed and unproductive than you were to begin with. So relax and don’t panic, once it’s started you’ll forget what it was you were dreading so much. 


Commit a time period to the task you’ve been putting off, once you’ve started you might be able to complete it with no distractions. If not, you can set yourself time periods per day until it’s finished where you’ll purely focus on that!

Eliminate Distractions


When concentrating on tasks you’ve been putting off or ones that you need to finish you’ll want to avoid things that can distract and throw you off task. For the most part it’s likely to be a ping of your phone or background noise from outside. Usually the things that distract us do not need immediate attention or attention. If you feel yourself becoming distracted through things like that, turn your phone on, do not disturb for an allocated amount of time. The flashing of social media notifications can be a huge productivity killer, we’re guilty of succumbing to the TikTok fyp! 

Allocate the time for important tasks and put non-valuable tasks on hold for later on. You’re likely to find your productivity to skyrocket while you’re avoiding distractions. 

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