Free WhatsApp

Country Name:

Dominican Republic

Operator Name:

Viva DR

Start Date:

Apr 14 2021

End Date:

Jun 1 2021

- Viva Prepaid customers can now enjoy Free WhatsApp when buying Data Packages per day. WhatsApp without Gigas consumption!
Vigency.                Price.                      Capacity

1 día.       DOP$45.00 / USD $0.90        1GB
3 días.     DOP$85.00 / USD $2.00         3GB
7 días      DOP$145.00 / USD $3.00       6GB
14 días     DOP$290.00 / USD $5.70.   12GB

- When buying a data package per day, WhatsApp consumption will not be discounted from the Gigas included in the package.
- This facility includes video calls and voice calls by WhatsApp.
- Applies to prepaid existing customers as of April 14, 2021.
- Activate an internet package per day and start enjoying WhatsApp Free! Long live we are on your side.
- In this link you can find the editable art